The greatest value of Fruver is the full respect for nature and human. This is one of the reasons why Fruver meticulously and accurately chooses all its agricultural partners, with a preference for realities that aim their actions towards an eco-sustainable agriculture.
About 400 hectares between greenhouse and open field are dedicated to baby leaf cultivation. Productions happen in total respect of integrated agriculture.

Thanks to the installation on the roof of photovoltaic panels, Fruver can convert solar energy in electricity that can be used to satisfy the company needs.

Mediante l’utilizzo di questi pannelli Fruver è in grado di soddisfare l’80% del proprio fabbisogno, riducendo al minimo l’impatto ambientale della produzione.

It is fundamental for Fruver to control the entire production chain, from production up to the distribution of certified and high-quality products in respect of the ecosystem. For two years our factory has been equipped with photovoltaic panels that satisfy 80% of our energy requirements, with a minimum environmental impact. Who is with the nature, chooses FRUVER.